My name is Sheryl Lucas and this is my mom blog/portal. I’m from North Dakota where I live with my husband and two children, soon to be three children. Yes I’m expecting to deliver a healthy baby boy in June this year. I’m a stay at home mom, but over the years, as my kids got older and started going to school, they’re 9 and 12 now, I got into working from home. I create necklaces and bracelets and sell them on Etsy. My store isn’t popular, but hey, it’s still something to kill time and earn a few dollar on the side.

On this website I plan on sharing with the world my experience of being a mom. I’ll talk about and give my insights on how to make sure kids behave properly, have good grades in school and of course share our methods for having fun with kids. That’s the the fun corner is going to be for. Anyway, I hope you like it here and that you find useful info.